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I have known Andy since he was about 8 years old. I am delighted to submit a reference for him.

Andy is a very dedicated lad, his training and commitment with me over the years is of a very high standard,  he is now taking his experience into coaching. He has frequently watched my coaching sessions in the past to gain knowledge of coaching twelve to twenty keepers at the time.

I would be happy to use Andy  to help me during busy periods.

I expect Andy to obtain his full goalkeeping license and go on and work in the professional game.

I wish him well for the future.

Malcolm Webster

Professional Goalkeeping coach


Jonah played regularly in a strong team, but many parents have commented on his performances particulalry. I feel that where I was watching someone playing in goal, since his work with Andy, I am now watching a "Goal Keeper" Jonah works very hard and is a sponge for everything he is taught by the caring and professional staff at the sessions.  

He was the youngest by a long way but is never left behind and I am constantly amazed as to how at home he felt working and training with older players, he was not fazed in the slightest and this is a testament to a structure which caters appropriately for all abilities. 

 As a father, all I really wanted is for my son to enjoy what he is doing. It is abundantly clear that Find Us Keepers has found a  winning formula as Jonah never stops smiling, we are ALWAYS the last to leave and he cannot wait to get back next time.

THE MONK ( Big J'S Dad ) and BIG J (now Cambridge United first team) 

I have known Andy for 11 years now, and hopefully for many more. When I first got into Cambridge and before Andy started coaching me, I had a very low self-esteem and never used to listen to anyone's tips or take compliments.

 Since then, Andy has been the only one I've listened to and taken tips on-board and this has raised my confidence in football and the things I aim to be in the future. I have improved so much thanks to Andy and I'd like to thank him. Andy's training sessions have not only inspired me but everyone who attends them, even parents watching.

 He is an inspiration to me and has inspired me to become a coach in the future. The dedication and commitment he puts into his work is unbelievable and clearly shows how much this means to him. Although everyone at training has a good chuckle, his coaching is very professional and at a very high standard. It's amazing how Andy can get bunches of roughly 20 people from age groups ranging from 7 to 25 to train effectively and under complete control.

 Andy himself is a great guy, with a brilliant sense of humour, bringing joy to every session and making everyone feel comfortable and able to perform at their greatest possible level. A great characteristic to him is how much he works with people to get them to play to the highest level of football they can and make sure they are enjoying it.

 I recommend Andy to anyone who wants to be a great goalkeeper. Thanks Andy and all the best in the future!

 Savannah Smith ( Fylde FC , Ex Milton Keynes Dons Ladies , Ex Loughbourgh Foxes FC , Ex Cambridge Girls Centre Of Excellence & Watford )



Talley decided to become a goal keeper in the 2011/12 season. It was noticed by Talley's coach, manager and parents that Talley had a flare for this position. He therefore became goal keeper for his team midway through the 2011/12 season and conceded 135 goals!  We became concerned that no training was offered by his club, hence we found Find-us-keepers (Andy King) and never looked back which was summer of 2012.

The following season (2012/13) under guidance from Andy Talley conceded 38 goals.

 Talley has worked hard with Andy and thus Andy's training has shone through Talley's attitude, confidence and ability and has been noticed not only by Talley's football club but also by many other clubs in his league.  

Andy's training skills, attitude and professional understanding to all the boys at different ages and abilities is amazing.  Andy achieves results from all the children every session.  He takes an interest in how each child plays every week, therefore the children respect Andy and listens to all the instructions, advice and guidance.  We believe with Andy's guidance and training Talley's confidence and ability has shone through his results like every child Andy trains. Andy's attitude and professional understanding towards all the children is fantastic.

We believe with the help from Andy Talley achieved whilst being a goalkeeper : player of the year, players player and also Caldecott FC awarded him 'Opposition Player of the Year'

Talley has never injured himself as Andy has taught them how to safely dive to save goals, and also how to technically think quickly both with confidence.

We would without hesitation recommend Andy King 'Finders-us-Keepers' to anybody whom would like to become a goal keeper.  He always has the children's best interested and without any doubt every child looks forward to the next session comes rain or shine.

Thank you Andy

Simon and Tracey Upshaw


Andy as a coach inspires and engages everyone he works with. He was the 1st goalkeeper coach I'd had and brought alive my love of being between the sticks!

I owe a lot of my success to him and anyone to be lucky enough to have him as their coach will achieve great things provided they put the work in. I hope to one day coach female goalkeepers and be as much of a role model to them as he has been to me!

 Beth 'Buffy' Ivens ( Ex Chelsea, England Colleges , Ex Cambridge Girls Centre of Excellence )


 I could honestly not recommend Andy enough as a coach! In the 12 years I've known him, I've gone from a defender trying out a new position between the sticks to a third choice at Arsenal in my seventh season as goalkeeper. Winning at Wembley with Watford in the FA Fives recently is a far cry from the early days where my favourite line for quite a while was "I can't dive!", but that shows just how good of a coach he is.

He has the ability to get a group of keepers of all ages and abilities to train well together, even on those dark rainy nights on a muddy Sutton rec. Not only is the coaching excellent but the atmosphere in training sessions brings out the best in all the keepers, especially if you can give as good as you get!

Andy's always prepared to go that extra mile if you need it, and I definitely owe where I am with my football to him. Any keeper should definitely go to his training, although make sure you take every opportunity to rib him about United!

Cheers Andy!

Hollie ( Ex Arsenal Ladies FC , Ex Cambridge Girls Centre of Excellence ,Watford FC) 


 I have known Andy since I was 9 years old when I first started attending Cambridge Girls Centre of Excellence. From the very first training session I had, I realised what a great trainer Andy is.  I always enjoyed the sessions, as whilst he made it fun he was also instilling good goalkeeping skills. He sometimes found it difficult to get me to go home when I wanted to stay later and join in with the older girls training, as I was enjoying it so much!  

 I have been going to extra training sessions with Andy for a number of years now and still enjoy how me manages to provide the right combination of work and fun at the same time during training. Andy has always been approachable, and gives constructive advice, whenever anyone has any queries or questions. He always gives his full support and encouragement to help everyone achieve their potential.

When I was 16 years old and in my last year at the Centre I was scouted by the England Women’s Under 17’s football squad and have been invited to attend training camps at St. George’s Park and University of Warwick.  I also started, that season, playing for the Cambridgeshire County Women’s team.

From there I signed for London Bee's WSL team, then to Doncaster Belles and Leeds United , I am currently with Huddersfield Town in the third tier of Women's football, during this time I was also selected for the Wales national team , which I am still involved in to this day.

 None of this would have been possible without Andy’s expert goalkeeping training, as he taught me everything I know.

 I would recommend, to anyone who is interested in goalkeeping, to go along to any one of Andy’s training sessions and see how enthusiastic he is about goalkeeping. From first time goalkeeper, to experienced player, he takes interest in every individual that he trains and always does everything he can to help.  


Thanks for everything Andy! GKU!  


Beth ‘Midge’ Davies (Huddersfield Town and Wales Ladies International , Ex Doncaster Belles , Ex Leeds United Ladies , Ex London Bees FC , Ex Cambridge Girls Centre of Excellence)


In the first five weeks of knowing Andy and Find us keepers; he made those five weeks however feel like I had been going for five years. As soon as I arrived I felt as though I was part of the family. Especially after receiving one of Andy’s awful nicknames. (Leedzy - because I am a Leeds fan).  Andy creates a session that can be completed by everyone but at the same time keeps you progressing as a goalkeeper. The group is a close knit family, always encouraging and offering advice on how you might improve.

I went to find us keepers during my first year at men's football. I felt I wasn’t given a chance with the first team and felt that I was not improving. The season before I had been playing for Cambridgeshire County so the drop in standard from this to the bottom league in Saturday football was awful and I felt that I was just going through the motions. After my first session Andy pulled me to one side and immediately offered to contact a few clubs at a higher level. This sums up Andy. He is a great goalkeeping coach and knows exactly how to fix slight problems with technique and his drills are great fun but also concentrate on improving a specific area of a goalkeeper’s game.

Away from coaching he is a great man always offering extra advice and giving you extra opportunities. He is extremely hard working and passionate about helping people. He is also a very patient man who will work with you if you have an issue with your technique and obviously has to have the patience of a saint to put up with a bunch of teenagers on an early Saturday and their sly remarks.

I would recommend Andy’s session to absolutely anybody. Whether you are England’s number 1, or a goalkeeper just starting out, you will always find the sessions helpful, useful and feel like you have improved from week to week.

James Philp (Leedzy)



 I have known Andy for 7 years and trained with him for 4 of those. Andy was a central figure in both my improvement as a keeper before a serious injury and my return to playing football.

Training with Andy has taught me the finer points of goalkeeping technique and the confidence to be sure in my ability. I have always come away from training with him feeling sharper and more relaxed about performing to the highest standard.

 Above all else, Andy's training sessions are fun. They are a place to go and learn how to be a better footballer amongst like minded keepers and enjoy yourself whilst doing so.

 As long as you don't mind Andy's penchant for awful nicknames and bad jokes, his training sessions are the place to be! =

James 'Chunky' Clark



This is the first season James (a.k.a Jimbo) has been training with Andy. He’s been the regular goalkeeper for Alconbury Colts for about 5 years now, currently playing at U11’s. Without any dedicated training for goalkeepers at the club and following another parent’s recommendation we contacted Andy.

Jimbo absolutely loves the sessions in fact he would train every day of the week if he could, he enjoys it so much. Andy has an excellent manner with the kids and is very motivational, no two sessions are ever the same and he imparts his skill and expertise in a way that makes it fun, there is fantastic camaraderie amongst the lads and everyone is always made to feel welcome.

I have already seen “Andy’s work” in action this season with Jimbo’s development coming on in leaps (literally) and bounds, and the man of the match trophy becoming a regular feature on the mantel piece. If you have a budding goalkeeper then get them along to one of Andy’s sessions, it’s the highlight of the week for Jimbo (and me)

Ian Ridgers (proud Dad)


My daughter Poppy (blondie) has just started training with Andy and wow what a difference it has made to her confidence and ability.  Poppy broke her wrist last year (playing football!) and lost her confidence for a while.

 To find a girls goalkeeping group was the best thing we could have done.  Poppy brings to her game every week what she learns with Andy.  She also loves it when the older girls help out.  Andy makes the group fun but keeps them 100% focused. 

 I would recommend Andy to any young goalkeeper of any ability!

 A huge thank you Andy!

 "Blondies" mum Katie


Our son Nico enjoyed the training with Andy from the first time and this has not changed over the course of the 2 years he has been doing it.

He never wants to miss a session. Apart from all the practical skills Nico learnt, he also benefitted from the various tactical tips he was given.

Most important though was and is the positive atmosphere in all the training sessions. Everybody, and especially Andy, always seems to enjoy what they are doing.

The training with Andy gave Nico a huge confidence boost. He feels that this is a safe place to try new things without fear of making mistakes. Overall Andy’s training combines a professional approach with a great amount of fun.

Nixy will keep coming.

Katrin and Carsten (Nico’s parents)



Zack has been traIning with Andy for 3 years, his ability and confidence has grown enormously within this time. Andy teaches in a fun way, he gets the message across and all the kids respect him.

We are very fortunate to have a Goalkeeping coach with the knowledge and ability Andy has, so close to home. Normally in local teams the Goalkeeper gets neglected, Andy brings the best out of the children and skillfully explains the science and importance of being a Goalkeeper from positioning to ball distribution and everything in between.

Zack is currently at Norwich Academy and Cambridge United have also offered him a place, alot of this is down to Andy's excellent coaching. Zack definitely looks forward to his training every week and quietly I am sure all the mums and dads look forward and love getting involved.

I would recommend any potential Goalkeeper to contact Andy and have a trial session.

Steve (Dad of Zack Glover)

 Evan has being coming to Find-Us-Keeper for the last 6 yrs and has received a level of coaching which I feel has been invaluable. People talk about the 'Keepers Union' and when you attend a session with Andy you will see this for yourself. Regardless of age, experience or gender, there is a real sense of support and encouragement from everyone.

Andy has taken Evan to a level of keeping that has seen him progress and with Andy's continued support and interest, will hopefully continue to see him improve.

All I can say is Thank You Andy'

Mandy Jekells ( Mum of Evan Jeckells )


Andy has that unique ability, to be able to make learning fun.

His coaching sessions are designed not only to improve skill levels but to build self confidence and maximise enjoyment.

His enthusiasm for football, and goalkeeping in particular, is obvious and is shared by the boys and girls who attend each week in all weathers.

Hollie really looks forward to training with Andy, her goalkeeping is constantly improving and she has made many friends.We could not recommend Andy any more highly.

Carole & David Augustus  ( H's Parents )


My daughter Lauryn is in her third year with Andy and without a doubt has improved the most on her team every year she has been with him.

With Lauryn’s determination and enthusiasm linking with Andy’s ability as a coach, has made Lauryn the best goalkeeper in her league, this is not just my opinion it is

the opinion of all the managers we play. When talking to other managers I always

 point out that it is Lauryn’s partnership with Andy that has made her the player she is.

Andy’s training programme builds up self confidence and skill. It covers all parts of the game and prepares his players to play in the most difficult position on the pitch. After a difficult game Andy listens and adds some really good feedback and is pleased to hear about a great performance as well. During the time I have known Andy he has always gone the extra mile to help the goalkeepers’ progress and be happy and confident playing in goal.

Over the last year Andy has developed a girls session to help the girls who feel more relaxed training with keepers in a similar situation. Lauryn looks forward to the Friday night sessions and all the girls share their experiences and support each other really well. The camaraderie between them all is excellent.

I am certain that without Andy’s help Lauryn would not be as good as she is, every session she comes home more confident and having learnt something new or progressed to the next level with his support

Many thanks Andy from Lauryn (Loz) and her Dad, Nigel Titford – Chatteris Town Youth FC


When we first heard about Andy, Cameron was playing in goal purely on enthusiasm. So after hearing about his coaching sessions , we felt Cameron had to attend one to see how he enjoyed it and got on. After the first session Cameron came away with the biggest smile you have ever seen on a kids face.

He had had fun learnt some new techniques and was now part of the find us keepers family.

I soon started recommending Andy to others, as i felt his training sessions were professional, fun and caring. After a few months Cameron had to leave find us keepers as he was selected to play for a professional club. Immediately I could see they were teaching the boys the same things as Andy, but without the fun. It was not to long after that another boy who I had recommended Andy to, joined Cameron. Andy always kept in touch, to see how Cameron was getting on, and offering us his emence knowledge.

Cameron started to loose his enthusiasm as the fun had been taken out of it at the professional club. So we pulled him out and returned to and at find us keepers, and after just one week his smile was back on his face and he can't wait to get to training again.

Cameron and myself would like to thank Andy for his words of wisdom, excellent coaching and caring for the boys and girls as if they were all his own.


Thanks again Cameron (Massiv) Bates and Mick his Dad



Sophie (Becks) has been training with Andy now for 18 months and the enjoyment she gets from each session is a major factor to her continued improvement. Andy's sessions are always varied, enjoyable and he is always looking for ways to improve his keepers individually and as a group. No matter what the age of the keepers Andy always seems to keep everyone in the session interested and challenged so much so that every session flies by not only for the keepers but also parents alike. Sophie's confidence and all round game has improved enormously since she started with Andy and she looks forward to every session, a recommendation that I cannot better!

Having been involved in coaching myself I feel I can recognise a quality coach and this is what Andy undoubtedly is, enthusiasm, enjoyment and knowledge flow from him at every session and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve whilst enjoying their goalkeeping.

Andy Powell - Sophie (Becks) Powell's - Peterborough United Ladies NO.1,  Dad.


When my 8 year old son decided he wanted to be a goalkeeper I decided he needed all the help he could get and taking him to Andy King was the best decision I have made.

Andy has improved my son’s confidence so much.  What is really important is that Andy teaches the children how to play in goal safely.  He also shows them how to think on their feet and what to do in all the different situations that a goalkeeper will face.  His sessions are very informative but they are all varied and full of fun.  He has such a good rapport with the boys and the sessions are all so inclusive for all of the children – and often the parents!  My son was made very welcome from the outset.

I can see such an improvement in my son as a goalkeeper when he plays in his own team’s matches since he has been with Andy.  The parents of other teams  will regularly come up to us and congratulate us on his performances and I must admit he makes some amazing saves! This is down to Andy’s tuition and encouragement.

I love taking my son to his goalkeeping sessions – they are fun to watch and it’s a joy to see his continued progress and bravery in goal under excellent guidance from Andy.

Jane ( Twiggys mum)


Andy King is an inspirational trainer. He understands children and young people and knows how to get the best out of each individual. As a teacher myself I have been constantly impressed by his ability to hold the attention and meet the goalkeeping needs of a group children and young adults of different ages and abilities.

He does this by getting to know the kids coming to his sessions and using humour paired with his experience and knowledge of what is required for each individual to progress at whatever level they are at. He makes them all feel special.

My daughter Izzie loves his goalkeeping sessions and with his support  has made huge progess both as a goal keeper and as a person in terms of her confidence and self esteem.  Andy doesn't give up on kids even when set backs happen.

He sees what they can achieve and is relentlessly encouraging . He sets high standards and works hard to help each child reach their potential. His sessions are such fun and kids don't usually realise just how hard he is pushes them - they all want to do well for him. He well deserves all the success he has had with the many goalkeepers who are now playing for high ranking clubs as a result of his training.

Thanks Andy!

Rachel Coomber ( Mum of Izzy Coomber - Ex Newcastle United ladies and Ex Cambridge Girls Centre of Excellence )




I would just like to say a big thank you to Andy.

His training sessions are always fun and my daughter always looks forward to it.

He has plenty of patience and is always willing to help. Most importantly my daughter has improved immensely under Andy's training.

The goalkeepers that train with my daughter all look out for each other and help each other and there is a real camaraderie amongst them.

I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommended his training sessions to goalkeepers of all ages.


Lee Bevens, Chatteris


I have been taking part in Andy’s sessions on both Thursdays and Saturdays for over two seasons now. There is a great atmosphere at every session he takes and I enjoy myself thoroughly with plenty of friendly banter within the group.

That said Andy’s coaching ability is such that when focus is needed he gets it, providing us goalkeepers with great session plans followed by helpful feedback to improve us.

Since training with Andy, I have been given the confidence to strive to achieve the very best I can be, with trial periods at several clubs including Leicester City, Ipswich Town and Norwich City . He’s an awesome bloke and a quality coach.

 Cheers Andy!

Luke 'EMMO' Emson




















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